The Martinsburg Historical Society is the primary organization in the Town of Martinsburg that collects artifacts and documents that reflect the history of our town. The Martinsburg Historical Society's office is located in the 1st County Clerk's Office for Lewis County NY on State Route 26 in the hamlet of Martinsburg. On the second Saturday of August each year, the Martinsburg Historical Society hosts "Martinsburg Day" to spotlight and celebrate their history.



This is Martinsburgs' first cemetery, known as the Hogsback Cemetery. Land for this cemetery was set aside by Brigadier General Walter Martin upon his arrival and settlement of Martinsburg.

Burials occurred as early as 1812 and continued until the 1840s when a new Martinsburg Cemetery was opened. This resting ground is the burial place of several Martin family members and 57 known founding fathers, children and war veterans.

 This cemetery, has recently been reclaimed by the Martinsburg Historical Society and is presently being cleaned up and stones being uncovered. Grants are being applied for presently to continue in this work to fence the property and restore stones. 57 stones, broken, buried, leaning, have been found to date (2012).

 Thanks to Bette Lathan ( for providing this information.

Cemetery is .7 miles south of the center of Martinsburg on Route 26. It is in the middle of a farmer's field




Historians Office
6682 State
Rt 26
Martinsburg, N.Y. 13404
Adsit, Historian


Martinsburg Cemetery - Cemetery Road *

Hogsback Cemetery - in a farm pasture, 3/4 mile south of Martinsburg, East side of State Route 26 ** see below

Pitcher Cemetery - Lee Road Extension, between State Route 26 and West Road **

Staring Cemetery - on Pansy Hill, back of Houseville **

 Maple Ridge Cemetery - turn left off Graves Road on to Maple Ridge Road **

Chapel Hill Cemetery - Flat Rock Road **

Ashback Cemetery - 1 1/2 miles west of West Martinsburg on Rector Road **

West Martinsburg Cemetery - on West Road in West Martinsburg **

Strader Cemetery - 1/4 mile off Borkowski Road, 1/2 mile from Gardner Road**

Glendale Cemetery - Glendale Road *

 East Martinsburg Cemetery - behind Marks Farms**

The Old Landing Burial Ground - on Ramos Road off State Route 12 **

* active ** inactive